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Developed for GMTK Game Jam 2019. The theme was ONLY ONE, which gave me the idea of a platformer where there is only one platform at a time, that can be touched only once.

Move: Arrowkeys or A+D
Jump: Up, W, or spacebar

There seems to be an issue with the leaderboard on Safari. I'll look into it!

Made withUnity
Tags2D, Singleplayer, Speedrun, Unity


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Howdy Swescot, big fan of this game!  Just wondering if you have any plans to take this idea farther or if you are working on any new games?


Hello Tallnuts! Very happy to hear you’re enjoying One Platform. I’m currently working on bringing it to iOS and Android. Will keep you posted on progress.

Oh that's awesome!  I'm happy to hear that.  Keep up the good work.


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It's a nice mechanic and simple little game. Though, I can't get up the platform at level 1-6. It seems like it switches the active platform each time you press a button, but doesn't check if you're already holding down a button. Also the timer includes the time of failed attemps, which seems a bit unfair to me.

Hi Mika, thanks for the feedback! Seems like I need to do some play testing on level 1-6. Perhaps its level design can be improved.

Very cool little, simple game. Great concept, was very fun to play! Also really like the effects and sounds. Keep it going!

Glad you liked it! I will be releasing some minor updates, nothing game changing, in the coming weeks. But for now I have moved on to another project. You can follow me here on Itch to stay updated :)

Back at the top, yay. Here's the replay:

Thanks for updating the game!

That’s impressive!

An awesome piece! Colors and audio were well suited too! Thanks for this.

Thank you idlemind! I have new version coming out soon, with improved visuals, controls, level design, and with more content (including a leaderboard). I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Really loved it and had a lot of fun trying to figure out skips in subsequent playthroughs! Optimizing level 4 is so tough!

Cool! It seems like a lot of people enjoy speedrunning this. I'm going to have to implement a leaderboard :D

While you're at it, please implement quick restart and better time precision. And, if you want some extra work, I would absolutely appreciate native livesplit functionality, where you see times for individual levels and difference from best run.

All those are in the backlog. Thank you for great input.

I don't know whether it was intentional, but except for the first level, each level has some interesting and difficult way of cutting for the speedrun.

After a while of speedrunning, I finally got a decent run. 26s, 0 deaths. But I think 25 or even 24 is possible.

It is intentional, yes! My personal best is 27s. So great job!

Hopefully I can get around to implementing a leaderboard.

Yup, can confirm, 24 seems possible.

Had a lot of fun trying to get a decent run, really fun little game :D

Wow! 23 seconds is the best run I've ever seen :o

Like it. (114s and 15 death) It took me some time in level 4 since I kept touching the side in the ascending part.

I like the ripple when the ball touched the platform!

Good job on finishing the game! Appreciate the feedback.


Managed to get 39s as my fastest run! Good game

Ooh, that's actually very good! Would have loved to have had enough time to implement a leaderboard.


This is a fun game. I really love the soft simple art and the music matches the feel of the game too.

Thank you! Would really appreciate a rating if you have the time.


A really cool concept and really polished. Some feedback:

1. Some platforms are placed too close, like the wall-jump. A bit of space between would not hurt.

2. Only register one keypress and wait for the next one.

Thanks for the solid feedback


I did it, yay!

Good job!


I did it! Loved the motivational messages! This game is challenging without being frustrating.

Great! Glad you liked it.


92s and 12 deaths, for the record.
I had a smile all the time I played. Incredibly light design and music, and great character! I really don't have anything negative to say about the game, I would gladly continue playing something like this on the phone. So, great job!

Thank you very much! Happy that you liked it. Feel free to leave a rating :)

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This is really great! The atmosphere is really relaxing and enjoyable. I like how there are different expressions on the player's face and other details like that. I managed to finish it in 102s. 

Thank you!


Very nice. Some really well thought out challenges in there - Probably the best GMTK jam game I've played so far :)

One small point - space bar and up both jump, but space doesn't jump very high. I spent a couple of mins trying to figure out how I could jump higher lol

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Thanks for the feedback! The spacebar jump issue has been fixed.


beautiful game



Nice, relaxing challenges, one platform at a time

Thank you! :)